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Vending machines have changed a lot since the days of the automats, when Jazz Age eateries like Horn & Hardart would dispense a slab of meatloaf or a hot apple pie through a slot in exchange for a nickel or two. Today, however, instead of meals, most vending machines deal in quick fixes; sodas, candy bars and snack foods and when required some health snacks intended to quiet a rumbling stomach. We have machines to suit everyones needs. We have machines at Schools / Hospitals / Hotels and some very well known companies in the thames valley and bay of plenty areas.  These days we are all busy and we just don’t have the time to drive down the road to the local supermarket. We understand your needs and we realize how important it is to keep your work place running smooth.  So take away the haste and Apply on line today and we will be in contact with you shortly.